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custom_imagecustom_imagecustom_imageFREE YOUR SELF........ Alcohol Free Drinks.....

BECKS BLUE ...£2.50

Item Description

A crisp refreshing and palatable German beer with none of the characteristics of other non alcoholic lager brands


Item Description

Low Alcohol. A genuine Bitburger beer, with all the Pils flavour and only a ’Bit’ of alcohol. The impressive taste is due to the unique way in which it’s produced, brewed in exactly the same way as the full strength Bitburger Pilsner. Only when the beer has matured completely is the alcohol gently removed - leaving a fresh tasting Pils with all of the characteristics you would expect from Bitburger. One of the best tasting low alcohol beers available on the market today.


Item Description

Mixed Fruit's unique taste is now captured in a new alcohol free offering. Enjoy the refreshingly, fruity taste of the popular Mixed Fruit with only the alcohol missing.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Gluten Free



Greens Pilsner ...£3.50

 4.5% ABV

Item Description

A refreshing classic Belgian Pilsner, with a hoppy citrus aroma with hints of vanilla.







  Gluten Free



Greens Golden Ale...£3.50

 4.8% ABV

Item Description

Malty aroma with hop notes, creamy with a dry caramel background, refreshing and clean.



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